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The Full Story


What started as just getting a few mystery boxes in over a couple of months eventually turned into our full-blown beautiful business and partnership.


Of course, we could have never done it though without the strong support of all our amazing family and friends.

Through them and what we could see we quickly realized we had an amazing opportunity on our hands and the ability to get some incredible products to the hands of people who have never seen anything like it before.


With all the love and support everyone provided, along with our amazing day one loyal customers, we quickly went from a small out of apartment single rack selection to a full-blown store front and website with so much amazing product to offer!

We have both been working in the service industry since we were 16 so needless to say we were very eager to change up our work environment and start working for ourselves instead of for someone else, especially with COVID-19 hitting hard at the time we just knew we had to change up what we were both doing and fast.


Thus, through a lot of hard work, time, and commitment, New World Snacks was born to bring you all your exotic snack and drink needs!


Mykelle & Elias

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